Saturday, October 3, 2015


The Vertical Gardens made from old pallets have undergone several replantings.  Some changes are due to over-vigorous plants taking more space than anticipated.  Some are due to seasonal changes where annuals were planted and needed to be replaced with winter hardy plants.  Some are due to under performing plants picked to do well, but just failed.  It is an experiment.  Like all our gardens at the Arboretum:  trials and errors are a part of gardening.
Pic #1
Pic #2

Pic #3
(Pic #1) We removed everything from the smaller pallet to check that the watering system still worked.  After releveling it, the water flowed as planned.  (Pic #2) Next we lined the front with burlap to keep the soil in until the plants have a chance to root in.  Holes were sliced in the burlap to make room for the plant roots.  The burlap eventually decomposes.  (Pic #3) Some of the old plants were put back in and a few new ones added.  One lesson we learned is that every spot does not need to be filled.