Saturday, October 10, 2015


There is a variety of plants in bloom or showing berries this week at the Arboretum.  You may have heard "Fall is For Planting".  Believe it!  Perhaps you want to include some of these plants in your garden for Fall interest.  Helianthus angustifolius (Swamp Sunflower) is shown in the first pot on the top left below.  It is one easy to grow, fall flowering plant that makes a statement and does not mind the deluge of rain we have had.  It is very attractive to butterflies, birds, and our native bees.  Click here for more about this SUNFLOWER.

Photos by A. Laliotes

#1 Helianthus augustifolius              Swamp Sunflower (Butterfly Garden)
#2 Pyracantha sp.                              Firethorn     (CPP Row #4)
#3 x Fatshedera lizei                         Fatshedera  (CPP Row #2)
#4 Ilex verticilatta 'Sparkleberry'    Winterberry  (Butterfly Garden)
#5  Eucomis comosa                          Pineapple Lily  (Ag Ctr Border-Right Side)

#6  Muhlenbergia capillaris              Pink Muhly Grass  (Wildflowers)
#7  Cryptomeria japonica                  Japanese Cedar  (CPP Row #1)
#8  Metasequoia glyptostroboides   Dawn Redwood  (Cpp Row #2)
#9  Ilex x attenuata 'East Palatka'    Holly  (Cpp Row #3)
#10 Myrica cerifera                            Wax Myrtle   (Cpp#2)