Saturday, June 27, 2009


BUTTERFLY GARDEN: This Garden attracts butterflies with nectar producing plants. It also contains host plants on which the butterflies will lay their eggs and where the emerging caterpillars will feed.
LAWNS: The five lawns around the Ag Center show different types of lawn grasses that grow well in Eastern North Carolina.
WILDFLOWER GARDEN: This garden features a colorful, drought-tolerant, self-sustaining, self-seeding annual garden alternative to turf grass.
CONTAINER GARDENS: Various combinations of bulbs, annuals, perennials, and shrubs showcase colorful flowers and plants with interesting textures that fill containers around the building showing what can be done for a gardener with limited space, time or physical ability.
FIRE HYDRANT GARDEN: A four-season garden created in a small, hot, dry space around a fire hydrant is filled with tiny spring-flowering bulbs and evergreen sedums.
PERENNIAL BORDER: Here a mosaic of plants is designed to provide exciting displays of color, texture, and form throughout the year.
MIXED BORDER: This area shows a variety of plants that grow well in Pitt County with designs to inspire the home gardener.
HERB GARDEN: A bottle tree is the center of this culinary herb garden. Additional plants such as salvias complement the texture and colors in the garden.
COMPOST DEMONSTRATION AREA: A traditional three bin compost system is featured. Plastic pins for composting in smaller gardens may also be seen here.
VEGETABLE GARDEN: Raised beds are planted with a variety of spring and summer vegetables. Much of the harvest is donated to the local food bank.
CHILDREN'S ABC GARDEN: Designed to introduce children to the joys of gardening and nature, flowers and vegetables starting with each letter of the alphabet are planted here. Pi-Co-Bo, our topiary bunny, resides here next to his rabbit hole ready for children to explore.
PITTOSPORUM TRIAL AREA: Numerous varieties of glossy evergreen pittosporum were planted here in 2004 to test their performance in eastern North Carolina.
WET SITE PLANTS: This garden features native and exotic plants that will flourish in wet sites.
ROSE GARDEN: More that 50 shrub-type, disease resistant roses that require little care are in this demonstration garden.
CERTIFIED PLANT PROFESSIONAL COLLECTION: This area contains trees and shrubs for an excellent source of information to see what grows in this area and their mature sizes.
AG CENTER LANDSCAPING: Around the building itself you will see a mix of evergreens, flowering trees and shrubs, and perennials. Inside you can obtain information sheets, soil testing kits, and other gardening information.