Friday, January 25, 2013

Master Gardeners 'Seeing Trees'

A group of Master Gardener Volunteers were busy at the Arboretum earlier this week prettying up the grounds around the Ag Center in preparation for this Saturday's Speaker Event (click here for the final link to this event:  "Seeing Trees").  As always, work seems less like work when shared by many hands and lots of chatter and laughter.  That describes our wonderful Master Gardener Group!  Hope to see you all tomorrow!

Photos by AS

Thursday, January 17, 2013


On a recent walk through the Arboretum's collection of tress and shrubs in our Certified Plant Professional area, some damage was noted on the pecan tree.  These rows of holes are not caused by insects, but rather by the yellow-bellied sapsucker.  This woodpecker does exactly what its name implies:  feeds on the sap from trees.  It also will eat or feed to its young any insects that are drawn to the sap.  Will it harm the tree?  What can be done to prevent it or discourage it?  Click here for all the answers:  SAPSUCKER DAMAGE

Thursday, January 10, 2013


Time and tickets are running out!  Call 902-1709 to purchase your tickets today to hear Nancy Hugo speak at the Ag Center Auditorium on January 26th.   CLICK HERE FOR ALL THE DETAILS.


Several years ago we planted a bushel of naturalizing daffodils purchased from Terra Ceia Farms in Pantego, NC.  They are gradually increasing in numbers as they ought to.  The assortment of bulbs provides many weeks of color from the different varieties in the bushel.  However, it was a surprise to see a small bunch already in bloom last week.  A very cheerful welcome for an otherwise dreary colored landscape!

The best time to plant spring blooming bulbs is in the fall.  However, you can read up on some things to consider right now by clicking HERE.