Wednesday, July 15, 2009


QUESTION: What can you tell me about black widow spiders? I believe I have seen one lurking under some stones in my yard.
ANSWER: Check out this website for picture of a black widow spider: . Spiders are generally considered to be beneficial in the garden as they capture many insects that feed on the plants in your garden. Spiders usually bite people when their web or nest is disturbed. Most spider bites are not that harmful to people, but can be serious if the person has an allergic reaction much like bee or wasp stings would cause. The black widow spider. however, can inflict painful or serious injury. Go to for more information about avoiding spider bites in the home environment.
QUESTION: I have seen a shiny, metallic beetle running around my driveway, sidewalks, and mulched areas. What is it and what should I do about it?
ANSWER: The beetle is a tiger beetle. It is also a fast, agile flyer. It is a predator of other insects and is considered more beneficial to the garden than harmful. The best thing to do when you see it racing across your path is to give it the green light. You can read more about this bug at and