Thursday, August 14, 2014


When you visit the Arboretum, make our 'What's In Bloom' display your first stop.  It is located under the Shelter in front of the Ag Center.  Each week Master Gardener Volunteers pick 10 plants of interest to put in the vases.  Nearby is a white board that will tell you what each plant is and which garden it is growing in.  Here is this week's selection:

 Photos by M. Endres

Plant names (clockwise starting at uppper left)
1-Nepeta spp. (Catmint), 2 - Salvia uliginosa (Bog Sage) 3 - Rosa 'Wekpaltlez' Hot Cocoa (Floribunda Rose), 4 - Thymus tomillode limon (Lemon thyme), 5-Lavendula stoechas (Spanish lavender), 6 - Allium tuberosum (Garlic chives), 7 - Salvia coccinea (Scarlet Sage), 8- Rosemarinus officinalis 'Prostrata' (Rosemary) 9 - Rudbeckia fulgida v. sullivantii "Goldstrum', 10 - Tinantia pringlei (Speckled Wandering Jew)