Friday, August 8, 2014


Hostas come in many sizes, shapes, and even colors.  We have a few growing in our Shade Garden, Perennial Border and Children's Garden.  They are perennials that prefer shade and will completely die back over the winter.  However, all spring, summer and before frost they decorate spots where other plants may fail.  Hostas are easy to grow.  Their worst enemies are slugs, deer, and strong sunlight.  Hostas can range from a few inches tall  ('Blue Mouse Ears') to four feet tall ( 'Empress Wu').  Their colors range from green ('Royal Standard'), chartreuse ('Sum and Substance'), blue ('Blue Angel'), and other variations to numerous to list here.  Leaf size, shape, and texture are just as plentiful to chose from.  The 'Liberty' hosta pictured below is in our Shade Garden under the pleaching crape myrtles.

Other plants of interest this week at the Arboretum:
Rose Garden:  Floribunda roses 'Pretty Lady' and 'Easy Does It'

CPPAbelia x grandiflora- Glossy Abelia, Buddleja davidii-Butterfly Bush
and Kerria japonica- Japanese Kerria

Children's Garden: Persicaria microcephala 'Red Dragon'- Knotweed,
Phlomis fruticosa- Jerusalem Sage and Stachys byzantina- Lamb's Ear Sage

Landscape for Wet Sites: Tinantia pringlei- Speckled Wandering Jew and
Eupatorium maculatum 'Gateway'- Joe-Pye Weed