Friday, November 4, 2011


A group of Master Gardener Volunteers spent this week at the Arboretum mulching.  They used shredded leaves and the free mulch from the Pitt County Transfer Station.  Mulching now will help protect the roots from some freeze/thaw cycles we inevitable experience.  It also will keep the soil a little warmer so root growth can continue.  And we are hoping that it will help smother weed seeds!  Click here for an interesting article on FALL MULCHING.    Remember to keep mulch a few inches away from the base of the plants and please don't volcano your mulch even if you see it done in commercial settings.  Read this MULCHING  fact sheet for all you could possibly want to know about the why, what, and how of mulching.
The Transfer Station at 3025 Landfill Road in Greenville has FREE MULCH for you, too.  Call 902-3351 to find out days and times you can pick it up.  At the Greenville location, they will load your truck/pickup/trailer for you.   In Ayden-Grifton site at 5171 Weyerhaeuser Road you will need to load it yourself.  Be sure to take a tarp to cover it before leaving the station.