Wednesday, November 16, 2011


 To either side of the entrance to the Ag Center you will find a row of fall blooming 
Camellia sasanquas.  They form a full, glossy green hedge when not in bloom.

Camellias come in a large variety of sizes ranging from 4-15 feet with flower colors in shades of pinks, reds, and whites.  According to 'Floridata':
"Sasanquas can cope with many different soil types. They prefer rich organic acid soils (the same as azaleas and rhododendrons). Provide plants with an organic mulch such as leaf litter or shredded bark. These plants have beautiful natural shapes but if you need to do some pruning it is best done "lightly" and in very early spring before the buds form."

Follow this link for the NCSU Fact Sheet:  Camellia sasanqua