Friday, April 22, 2016


Heading up our list of fragrant blooms has to be the Boomerang Lilac shrub (Syringa x 'Penda') blooming in our Mixed Border.  It is a low maintenance shrub with few insect and disease problems. It attracts hummingbirds, butterflies, and people!  It also reblooms. Below are pictures of a few other plants of interest this week at the Arboretum.

Photos by M. Endres
#1 Dicentra spectabilis - Japanese Bleeding Heart
#2 Lonicera japonica - Japanese Honeysuckle
#3 Camellia japonica
#4 Pittosporum tobira 'Tall 'N' Tough
#5 Salvia x sylvestris ' Mainacht' - Maynight Salvia
#6 Narcissus - Daffodils
#7 Dianthus gratianopolitanus - Barb's Cheddar Pink
#8 Cilantro
#9 Monarda - Beebalm
#10  Boomerang Lilac highlighted above