Thursday, February 4, 2016


There are not many blooms this time of year.  However, berries and great foliage brighten the gardens around the Arboretum.  These selections are from our Certified Plant Professional Collection.

Photos by K. Previll
1.       Daphne odora   (Fragrant Winter Daphne)
2.       Berberis julianae  (Wintergreen Barberry)
3.       Hydrangea anomala petiolaris   (Climbing Hydrangea)
4.       Nadina domestica     (Heavenly Bamboo)
5.       Ilex vomitoria x pendula    (Weeping Yaupon Holly)
6.       Lonicera fragrantissima     (Winter Honeysuckle)
7.       Aucuba japonica      (Japanese Aucuba)
8.       Nandina domestica      (Dwarf Nandina)
9.       Osmanthus heterophyllus     (Holly Tea Olive)
10.   Magnolia stellate    (Star Magnolia)