Wednesday, January 13, 2016


While not much gardening can be done during the winter months, one thing you can do is to look at your beds with a critical eye to see if adding a path would enhance them.  Paths bring you closer to your blooms and also gets you nearer to any weeds that might pop up.

A new path has been added to our Wildflower Garden.  First a general layout was marked off, then all plants within the path plan were mowed down with a weed eater.  Next cardboard was put atop the chopped down plants to keep plants from regrowing and seeds from germinating.  (Several layers of newspaper works also.) Rain happened to be in the forecast, otherwise the cardboard needed to be 'watered' to keep it in place.  Finally, pine straw was layered on the cardboard.

Some things to consider:
1)  Straight line or meandering path?
2)  Width?  1 person, 2 person, wheelbarrow access?
3)  Mulch?  Pea Gravel?  Pine Straw?
4)  Formal edging?

Plants chopped down

Cardboard placed

Finished with pine straw