Saturday, December 12, 2015


Yes, it is today!  (One of those little known facts to share.)    No, we don't grow poinsettias,  Euphorbia pulcherrima, at the Arboretum.  Although we do have some of its relatives there.  It is a native plant from Mexico.  Over 70% of the poinsettias sold in the US are grown at the Paul Ecke Ranch in California.  While it once was a secret family method of producing full flowering plants, the secret was out in 1991 changing the industry.  Want to know more about the most popular potted plant? 

Are they poisonous?  No.  But neither are they edible.  Best to keep them away from creatures that might chew on the leaves as they may cause nausea.  Some are allergic to the sap in the stems.  With proper care, you can enjoy your plants for months.