Friday, June 5, 2015


Our Mixed Border Garden at the Arboretum is a good example of how a smaller yard can be landscaped.  By having a variety of plantings, the area feels larger and is definitely more interesting than having single row of e.g. privet, boxwood, azaleas, etc.  It has tall evergreens, deciduous trees, several types of shrubs, lantana, daylilies, groundcovers and even a rose.  It is one garden that changes its looks through the seasons.  The Mixed Border is located by the Auditorium entrance next to the Herb Garden.
This is the reblooming Julie Child Floribunda Rose growing in our Mixed Border.  It is said she selected this one to bear her name as she loved the butter gold color and the licorice candy fragrance. 

Further reading on creating a mixed border can be found HERE.