Thursday, October 10, 2013


Last week a merry group of Master Gardeners replanted the Arboretum's Container Gardens.  Several more new containers had been purchased to complete the entire turnover of the containers.  They were able to buy these larger ones with the money earned at the May PLANT SALE (next year's will be on 5/17/21014 - so save that date!).  For the most part, the theme of 'Thriller, Filler, and Spiller' was followed.
THRILLER:  Tall, dramatic plant
FILLER:  Fuller, shorter plant to add texture and color
SPILLER:  Trailing plant to flow over the top and down the sides
Follow this link for more tips on CONTAINER GARDENING

Much discussion ensued during the purchasing and planting phases.
Removing and replanting takes many hands.
As the plants grow, they will fill in the pots and become only more beautiful.  Come out and see up close the end results!

               Photos by PM & RD