Tuesday, May 28, 2013


Our Children's Garden was created to encourage children of all ages to experience the joy of gardening.  The plants and garden art were picked to engage all the senses:  sight, smell, touch, sound, and taste (with supervision, of course).  An interesting plant that is blooming now is Stachys byzantina or commonly called Lamb's Ear.  It is best known for its soft, fuzzy grayish green leaves and less known for its small pinkish flower.  However, even though we may not think it's flower is very showy, bees just love this plant.
Lamb's Ear may fade in the hot, humid summer.  It will do better with some light afternoon shade and well drained soil.  It also may be grown in a container provided it stays in dappled light.  Clip off the blooms as they fade and trim any heat damaged leaves.  The basal leaves may just fill in by sending out runners and provide a nice ground cover.  Here is a fact sheet with more information:  Stachys byzantina