Thursday, February 14, 2013

'DALLAS BLUES' an Ornamental Grass

Our Wildflower Garden at the Arboretum has several varieties of ornamental grasses that are left to stand over the winter months.  If you,too, did not cut back your ornamental grasses last fall, you will be enjoying the texture, movement, and buff color they add to a winter garden.  Additionally, birds will be attracted to the seed heads over the winter.  A particularly nice one is Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues', commonly called Switchgrass.
Read this article Gorgeous Grasses for Garden Texture for more suggestions.
Panicum virgatum 'Dallas Blues'
 According to the NCSU FACT SHEETS some characteristics of this grass are:
Height: 4 to 6'
Light Requirements: Sun to partial shade
Soil/Moisture: Tolerant of moist or dry soil
Form/Texture: Moderate texture; dense, upright, open clump
Inflorescence: Open panicles of dark red to purple in late summer and fall; shiny red seeds
Comments: Bluish cast in summer; reddish fall color; fast spreading by rhizomes; vigorous