Wednesday, November 28, 2012


Last year we planted a vertical wall with succulent plants that would thrive in hot, dry conditions.  It hasn't behaved as we thought and we are working on ways to make it a success (more on this planting at a later date).  However, beneath the wall planting we put in a bed to catch plants that might break off from the parent plant.  We also planted a few starter plants.  While the vertical planting struggles, the bed plantings have flourished.  These are definitely plants to recommend for a year round garden.
PLANT IDs from left to right:
  • Sedum rupestre 'Blue Spruce'   (Blue-green)
  • Sedum rupestre 'Angelina'      (Yellow-orange)
  • Orystachys sp.                       (White flower)
  • Sedum acre                            (Green, low growing mat)
  • Sedum 'Autumn Joy'             (Taller with rusty colored flowers)
Here is the entire length of the "Catch All Bed"