Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Fall Leaf Color

Today the Master Gardeners were busy with their monthly 'Work Day' at the Arboretum.  One of their tasks was raking up leaves that had already fallen.  With the cooler days we've been having, it seems that summer is over and fall has begun just like the calendar says.  If you are one that longs for more yellow, orange, red and purple leaf color in your landscape, it is the perfect time to head out to the Arboretum to see our trees and shrubs and find the color you are looking for.  We have a variety of deciduous trees and shrubs to view over the next several weeks as they change colors.

Here is a great site to refer to as it will monitor the fall colors for you:  

P.S.  What do we do with our fallen leaves?  They go right into our compost bin behind the herb garden.