Tuesday, April 10, 2012

WHAT'S NEW AT THE ARBORETUM - Vertical Gardening

Vertical Gardening
on Tool Shed

The beginnings of the Sedum Window

We have decided to try something new at the Arboretum.  Instead of planting in the ground we are planting on the side of our tool shed.  This is a fairly new trend and is useful if you are gardening in small spaces or just want to decorate a blank wall that might otherwise be an eyesore.  Our hope is that eventually the sedums will fill the entire space so you will see nothing but a mosaic picture.  We used sedums as they don't have a deep root system and require less water than other plants.  The possibilities are endless and left only to your imagination of what plants to use.  Online you will find annuals, herbs, strawberries and lettuces have been used.  Our planter from Florafelt Vertical Gardens is made from 100% recycled water bottles.  We don't know how it will do, if it will work, or if it will live up to its promises, but one of our purposes of the Arboretum is to be a testing ground.  Keep following this blog and we will do updates as we go through the year.  You can do an online search for vertical gardening, living walls, green walls, etc. to find more information about this new concept.  We don't recommend one product over another, but you can start here for some basic information:  PLANTS ON WALLS