Friday, July 15, 2011


Gomphrena Globosa 'Las Vegas Purple' is what you will find in spectacular bloom this week.  Even after another scorching hot, humid week this Globe Flower or Globe Amaranth (as it is commonly called) is looking fabulous.  This excerpt from the Learn2Grow website describes it perfectly:

"Distinctive, round, brightly colored flowers cover this popular warm season annual in the heat of summer. Globe amaranth is an attractive, bushy bedding plant that is native to the southern regions of Central America. Its papery everlasting flowers dry and hold their color well, so they are especially popular for crafting and flower arrangements.
Globe amaranth forms neat clumps and has simple, slightly fuzzy green leaves of medium green. From summer to fall, its stiff, upright branches hold small, round, clover-like heads of papery bracts (petal-like leaves) that subtend tiny yellow flowers. The flower heads attract butterflies and are long-lasting. Deadheading is only necessary when the blooms turn brown. Full sun and summer warmth are essential for this effortless ornamental. It grows best in perfectly drained garden soil and will withstand some drought once established. It has few to no pest and disease problems but will develop root or stem rot if planted in poorly-drained soil. Enjoy this long-blooming annual in containers or sunny mixed borders. More compact cultivars, like those in the Las Vegas Series, are ideal for smaller garden spaces. The flower stems are long enough for cutting."