Sunday, March 28, 2010


The Bradford Pear trees are in bloom at the Arboretum and across the county.  While the trees make a statement on the landscape with their white blooms showing us the first signs of spring (something we all have been waiting for this year!), you may want to think twice before planting one in your yard.  First, the flower is pretty, but their scent can be offputting.  Given the way their limbs grow out of the tree trunk at a very upright angle and the large number of limbs, as trees mature limb breakage may occur.  This has happened at the Arboretum.   Additionally, it is listed an invasive, exotic tree for the Southeast as noted at this link:  Bradford Pear .  There are several other, more desirable blooming trees.  Come out for our Walking Tour this Thursday (4/1) starting at 10:00 AM and see for yourselves.